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Welcome you visit our website, and thanks for your attention!

During the past few years, we have achieved remarkable results to stand out of many competitors, and successfully made IPO in Shenzhen Stock Exchange GEM. We are feeling proud of this. Here, on behalf of the board of directors, I would like to express our appreciation to all shareholders, leaders and friends for your supports and helps.

At present, we have entered into a new period of development opportunity. The accomplishment only belonged to the past, the new challenges are ahead of us forever. We have to understand clearly the problems existing through our development, to face our own advantages and disadvantages, and to enhance our strong points and avoid weaknesses; in this way, it will be possible for us to achieve even faster development. All of our employees will continue to uphold the concept of "The common value is higher than the value of the individual, customer value is higher than the value of production" , and take "returns to shareholders, contributing to the society" as our own responsibility. JWHK strives to become the best magnet wire supplier and play a leading role in magnet wire industry!

"A single flower does not make a spring, innumerable flowers of purple and red can fill the garden full." We warmly welcome everybody to give us suggestions, to discuss cooperation, to seek common development, and to achieve a win-win situation.

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