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In 2006, R&D Center was set up, which is specialized in information collecting, new products, new process designing and researching and finished products promoting and servicing. In 2008, R&D was awarded as "Enterprise Technology Center at Tianjin Municipal Level".

The international advanced trial-production and testing equipments have been applied in R&D Center, and the latest testing measures have been adopted. In order to improve the product's quality and technology level and strengthen the competitiveness in markets, investment in technology improvement and innovation has been increased year by year.

Adhering to People-Oriented policy, and paying attention to cultivating technology talents and building innovation system, more younger technical staffs have been enrolled ,and experts have been invited to give periodical forum to improve technical level of R&D team. Meanwhile, a research platform has been set up with help of transformer expert from Stated Grid, winding wire expert from Institute of Electricity Science, and insulation experts from University.

Now there are 25 full-time R&D personnel in R&D Center. 59 staffs are participating in the activities in the R&D, and 5 staffs have been given senior titles.

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